10 Skills in demand in the current era

With the horse-like advancement in technology, it is highly possible that you will be working in a job that does not exist today in the next few years. And it is not about inventing the time machine. The dynamics of the business world is changing at a rapid rate. That means you have to prepare for future jobs that will require expertise and skillsets.

Organizations in the current era continuously search for highly skilled employees having the most sought-after abilities. Some skills are far more in demand than others. All you need is skill certification to advance your career. Skill Development Council Canada has compiled a list of 10 Skills in demand in the current era to ensure that you never fall short of work in the future.

Top 5 Hard Skills in demand in the current era

These are technical skills that describe the importance of your work and vary based on your region and industry. Hard skills are most important as they will get you to the interview table. Employers look for hard skills while reviewing your application.

  1. Digital literacy: Able to communicate through digital technologies like social media platforms and mobile devices while working on different computer applications.
  2. BlockChain: Learn key concepts about the digital ledger of transactions distributed across computer networks and used to support cryptocurrency.
  3. Cloud Computing: Learning about computing data and programs like web servers, file storage, and applications on the internet rather than your computer’s hard disc.
  4. Analytical Reasoning: Drive the best decisions for your business from specific courses like formal logic, mathematics, quantitative research methods, statistics, data analysis, etc.
  5. Artificial Intelligence: Learn deep learning, machine learning, and data science practices to develop intelligent machines which can think and work like humans.

Some of these skills are learnable through international certification, which can help you become more productive while enhancing your professional qualifications.

Top 5 Soft Skills in demand in the current era

Some people consider hard skills are all you need to get the work done. But in reality, there are soft skills that need more attention as they require behavioral change. Soft skills are vital to your everyday life other than your job. Your interpersonal skills or people management can make or break your ability to get things done. They are foundational to every field.

  1. Cognitive flexibility: Ability to adapt our behavior to change and think about different complex ideas all at once.
  2. Decision Making: Ability to decide between alternatives to get the best possible outcome.
  3. Emotional intelligence: Using your intellect to perceive and respond to your own emotions and others.
  4. Creative mindset: Thinking out of the box to generate new solutions to a complex problem is a valuable skill every employee should master.
  5. Time Management: Maximizing your productivity by spending your time efficiently to accomplish goals.

Courses that come with international accreditation can set high standards and increase your chances of hiring or promotion. These provide you with a competitive advantage over other candidates.


You can say that soft skills teach you how to work together while hard skills define your expertise to get the work done. There you have it; these are 10 Skills in demand in the current era of the job market. The job market is constantly evolving and expanding. As a result of this constant change, new needs and expectations from employers emerge. The skills listed above are most in-demand to push your career forward, to expand your capabilities and knowledge to stand out from other candidates.

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